A competitive edge through cooperation that’s what drives our scrap-management practice. We develop and manage custom-designed solutions for scrap handling and disposal activities.

A dedicated team works to develop a tailored solution suited to each client’s unique situation. Beyond initial consulting, our services may include design and engineering, financing, investment in on-site equipment, facility operation, marketing of metals, logistics, transportation, and administrative support. Full-accountability reporting is a part of every implemented project.


Make the recycling of batteries an easy and stress-free experience. We offer a streamlined package of solutions & services covering the packaging, storage, transportation and materials recycling of both industrial and portable waste batteries.. We take care of all the necessary permits and requirements.


From basic prehistoric tools to today’s modern technologies, copper has helped create many of the conveniences we have enjoyed throughout the centuries until today. For this reason, copper recycling must be encouraged. Such a useful metal should not be left to rot as waste especially when it is sought out by various manufacturers to help create their products. This is why we at Metal Max Recycling make sure that through our services, your unwanted copper can make its way to the many businesses that need it. Copper is created in volcanic areas that have high concentrations of hot sulfuric solutions and recycling.


Our standards continue to gain importance around the world. The aim is to significantly reduce emissions with the aid of statutory provisions. Whether for cars, Lorries, buses, construction equipment and agricultural machinery, or ships, catalytic converters and diesel particle filters are tried and tested exhaust after-treatment systems.

Our core competency is the recovery of precious metals from used catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters. Regardless of whether they have a metallic or ceramic carrier material, we provide a number of services, such as toll refining, fast settlement, or purchasing, for these materials depending on the quantity.


we are selling used auto parts as well from different kinds of make and model.


We buy all kind of junk vehicles at a competitive prices in the market.